Zong SMS Package

In This Article, We will Discuss Zong SMS Package 2023 Daily Weekly fortnightly Monthly, and For Postpaid Users. All these SMS Packages, you will check on this page also for 3G,4G, and 5G Zong Customers.

Zong Is China Based Telecom Operator in Pakistan and Its Headquarters is located in Federal Capital Islamabad. Zong’s Market Share is 21% and It’s growing Day by Day because of Zong’s Performance. Zong SMS Packages 2023 are included with Daily Weekly Fortnightly and Monthly. Also, zong Postpaid Users can also Subscribe to SMS Pkg according to their needs.

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Zong SMS Package Daily

Package NameResourcesPriceValiditySubscription Code
Zong Daily Zulu SMS Bundle1 MB Internet Data with 500 SMSRs 4 Plus TaxOne Day*704#
Zong Whatsapp Bundle + SMS Bundle30 MB Internet Data for Whatsapp Usage, 500 SMS, 1 MB Internet DataRs 5 Plus TaxOne Day*700#
Zong Daily Hello 1 Din Offer50 MB Internet Data, 150 SMS, 150 On-net MinutesRs 13 Plus TaxOne Day*2200*1#
Zong Daily Flutter Package50 MB Internet, 120 SMS, 120 Zong to Zong MinutesRs 12 Plus TaxOne Day*369#
Zong Daily Gup Offer30 MB Internet, 100 SMS, 75 On-net MinutesRs 5 Plus taxOne Day*118*1#
Zong Six Plus SMS offer500 SMS, Unlimited Zong on-net MinutesRs 8 Plus taxOne Day*666#

Zong SMS Package Weekly

Package NameResourcesPriceValiditySubscription Code
Zong Weekly SMS +Whatsapp Bundle1500 SMS, 2000 MB Internet DataRs 21 Plus Tax7 Days*702#
Zong Haftawaar Load Offer80 Off-net Minutes, 5000 on-net Minutes, 5000 SMS, 12 GB of Internet DataRs 270 Plus Tax7 Days*70#
Zong All in One Weekly Bundle40 Off-net Minutes, 1000 On-net Minutes, 1000 SMS, 2.5 GB of Internet DataRs 200 Plus Tax7 Days*6464#
Zong Shandar Weekly SMS Pkg500 MB Internet Data, 40 Off-net Minutes, 500 Free On-net Minutes, 500 SMSRs 120 Plus Tax7 Days*7#

Zong SMS Package Fortnightly

Package NameResourcesPriceValiditySubscription Code
15 Days UnlimitedUnlimited SMS to All NetworkRs 149 Plus Tax15 Days*700#

Zong SMS Package Monthly

Package NameResourcesPriceValiditySubscription Code
Zong Monthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle500 SMS A Day, 30 MB Whatsapp For A Single DayRs 50 Plus Tax30 Days*705#
Zong Monthly Super Card6 GB Internet Data for Browsing, 180 Off-net Minutes, 3000 SMS, 3000 Free On-net MinutesRs 65030 DaysDail *6464# and Press 4
Zong Supreme Offer5000 SMS, 12 GB Internet Data, 300 Off-net Minutes, 5000 On-Net MinutesRs 100030 DaysDail *6464# and Press 4 Then 2 Then 2
Zong Monthly Super Offer5000 SMS, 5000 On-net Net zong Minutes, 4 GB Data for Whatsapp, 6 GB Data For YouTube, 20 GB Internet Data for Browsing, 300 Off-net MinutesRs 130030 DaysDial *6464# and Press 4 Then 2 Then 2
Zong Voice 425 Voice Mini Bundle500 SMS, 425 All Network MinutesRs 60030 DaysDial 310
Zong Voice 900 Mini Bundle1000 SMS, 900 All Net MinutesRs 1200 Plus Tax30 DaysDial 310
Zong Shandar Mahana Bachat Offer1 GB Internet Data, 100 Off-net Minutes, 1000 On-net Minutes, 1000 SMSRs 305 Plus Tax30 DaysDial *1000# or Send “Sub Mahana” to 7091

Zong SMS Package Postpaid

Package NameResourcesPriceValiditySubscription Code
Postpaid 700 SMS Bundle700 SMSRs 50 Including Tax30 Dayscheck Zong’s Official Website
Postpaid 300 SMS Bundle300 SMSRs 25 Plus Tax30 DaysUse Zong’s Official Website
Unlimited Post SMS BundleUnlimited Zong to Zong SMSRs 90 Plus Tax30 DaysCheck Zong’s Official Website
Z500 Bundle1500 On-net Minutes, 1000 SMS, 300 Off-net Minutes, 4 GB Internet Data Including 2 GB Data for Whatsapp UsageRs 500 Plus Tax30 DaysDial 310
Z800 Bundle2000 SMS, Unlimited Free On-net Minutes, 500 Off-net Minutes, 10 GB Internet Data including 4 GB Can only be Use for Whatsapp UsageRs 800 Plus Tax30 Days 

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